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Our club has a 40-year tradition. The founder of the club is Ing. Daniel Konársky. He founded a circle of interest activities in the former home of children, pioneers and youth. Later he went under TJ Tatran Spišská Nová Ves. In 2001, he became independent and works under the auspices of the school sports center at ZŠ on ul. Ing. Fur coat. In 2014, the club was taken over by Mgr. Branislav Šperňák. The club brought up the representative of the SR Matúš Konárské, members of the PZ, the army, rapid deployment units and created space for many children to use sports. It currently has 70 members who achieve excellent results in competitions. We can learn about the club's achievements in competitions from the daily Korzár - Spišský denník. They spend their free time meaningfully and prove their talent on the tatami in matches against each other according to strict rules. They develop not only physical fitness, healthy development, but also friendship, tolerance and mutual solidarity.